The “Living ‘His’ Life” Film Project:

The Other Side of Fear: Facing the father wound

“The Others Side of Fear: Facing the Father Wound,” is a feature-length documentary film (with 9 follow up mini-docs) that explores the effects of fear and woundedness in the lives of men. In “The Other Side of Fear,” we embark on a journey of discovery and courage, facing our darkness, our fears so that the “Light” might overcome it.  Along the way, we encounter the stories of broken men who share their fears and woundedness in a real and raw way.  We also meet subject matter experts like Dcn. Harold Burke-Sivers, Doug Barry, and Dr. Ken Buckle to provide us insight, inspiration, and focus on the secrets of overcoming these fear and growing in grace. It’s emotionally powerful and Catholic.

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Coming soon, “The Mini-Docs”

Coming soon... the next nine films. In addition to the feature documentary film, we also filmed nine mini-documentary films too. Watch these gripping episodes of men who share their story of how fear and wounds have impacted their lives and families. Each episode is focused on one story and includes men from all walks. Scroll down to see the list and release dates of each episode. Be sure to sign up to receive notifications when these “mini-docs” are released.

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