The Other Side of Fear:
Facing the Father Wound"

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You don’t know me but just watched your documentary “The Other Side of Fear”… and wanted to say THANK YOU. I have struggled for a long time and have my own story… but as a young father myself, I know that FEAR and ANGER are destroying my heart. I know I can’t do it alone… and I know I need Jesus. Just wanted to say THANK YOU for your courage and your witness.

– Semper Fi, Mark

Can’t do it alone

“WOW!!!! I watched this film and as a woman it was so Insightful!! I will forward It on to men and even women I know. Beautifully done!!” 

– Rosalinda


“Thank you Joe for sharing your powerful testimony with me and to the world! I will share your documentary and keep you and your mission in my prayers!”

– Joseph

Sharing It

“Amazing film, amazing testimony. I am honored to watch your film. Thank you for this gift. I will be sharing with my friends.”

– Jose Antonio


This is awesome!”

– Rick


“The documentary was great. I shared it with just about all the men in my contacts and I shared it on Facebook as well.  Really inspirational and motivating a great reminder of how we need to restore the family.”

  – Shawn


“It has been a very long time since something so powerful yet so catholic has been produced. Thank you for your courage to be vulnerable and share the rawness of your sin. God has and God will continue taking your story to become his story for so many more. Thank you again!”

– Kelly 


“Thank you Joe for the film. This is a powerful one!”

– Anastasia


“I didn’t even know this film existed… my chance I happen to talk to my ex, and she told me I should come to see this film. I almost didn’t come tonight… but, now I know why I did. This film was my story… my life will not be the same.”
– Anonymous

Now I know!

“I watched your production last week titled “The Other Side of Fear”. Well done! We are going to share it on our Rejoice Counseling Apostolate FB page.”

– Christopher J. Stravitsch, D.Min, LPC-S, LMFT-S

Well done! President, Rejoice Counseling Apostolate

“I love you, brother! I just finished the video.  The way I see it is it will be life-changing for everyone who sees it… I love it!!!!! I believe it is anointed by God.

– Anonymous


“I’ve got to tell you… tonight moved me in many ways. The courage you are taking to show this side of your fear is phenomenal and many a man will be moved to express their stories Thanks to you after seeing it. I can’t wait to see the end result.”

– Anonymous


(film) Sometimes, our most dreaded enemy is often our own past!

This is a documentary film designed to help men shine light into "their darkness," finding healing, forgiveness, and courage.  Watch "The Other Side of Fear: Facing the father wound" for FREE.  There will never be a cost to it, just click the play button.  Also, scroll down to find a few ways you can help be a part of this incredible project. 

Please help us spread the word, share this film!

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About Joe McClane

Joe McClane – a powerful and dynamic Catholic speaker, radio host, documentary film maker, and author – has been working full time in Catholic evangelization since 2008, traveling across the USA and oversees lighting a fire in the hearts of thousands for Christ and His Church. Joe is the President of ChiRho Impact Media LLC, as well as the Director of Mission Development for the Guadalupe Radio Network, the largest EWTN radio affiliate in the USA. Catch Joe’s Network-wide radio show, “GRN Alive,” Monday’s at 8 am central on the Guadalupe Radio Network.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is this film all about?
    • The Others Side of Fear: Facing the Father Wound,” is a feature-length documentary film that explores the effects of fear and woundedness in the lives of men. In “The Other Side of Fear,” we embark on a journey of discovery and courage, facing our darkness, our fears so that the “Light” might overcome it.  Along the way, we encounter the stories of broken men who share their fears and woundedness in a real, and raw way.  We also meet subject matter experts like Dcn. Harold Burke-Sivers, Doug Barry, and Dr. Ken Buckle to provide us insight, inspiration, and focus on the secrets of overcoming these fears and growing in grace. It’s emotionally powerful and Catholic.
  • Who is behind this film?
    • Joe McClane, who is also featured in the film, is the Executive Producer, and President of ChiRho Impact Media LLC, the company who produced the film.  Joe is also the Director of Mission Development for the Guadalupe Radio Network. Learn more about him at
  • Why is the film free? 
    • The film is free to all... forever.  The film, along with the larger project, is designed to be used in men's groups, at conferences, or just one-on-one, as a tool for Catholic men's ministry teams to help the men they serve. We want to be a "force-multiplier" in men's ministries around the world to help other men grow in Grace, and lead their families to greater holiness. For this reason, we are making the film free to all.
  • What you can do to help the project? 
    • Scroll down for more information however, you can share this film widly on social media.
    • You can sign up to show this film in your group, parish, or at your next event (scroll down for instructions).
    • You can make a financial contribution to the project to help us continue to show the film to men who are in need of it.  Note: ChiRho Impact Media LLC is NOT a 501c3 and your contrabutions are NOT tax-deductible. Although your gift will not affect your taxes, it will help change lives!

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Dr. Ken Buckle

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How you can help

Screen the Film

The film is free to show to your group, at your Church, retreat, or your next event. There is no license fee from ChiRho Impact Media LLC however, all costs associated with showing the film are your responsibility. Also, in order to obtain permission to show the film, we ask that you contact us by email with your contact info, your location, the event/group information and the date of your screening. You can send the request to We will respond with instructions for downloading the film.

Make a contribution

Donate to the promotion campaign. We will use these funds to help reach men online. The films will always be free to everyone, however, we need help just letting men know they exist. You can make a BIG difference through your financial contribution to the campaign. It only takes a minute and you can give any amount you wish. (Note, ChiRho Impact Media LLC is NOT a 501c3 and your contribution is NOT tax-deductible. However, your generosity is priceless!) CLICK HERE to go to our PayPal page.

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